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Q. How did you decide to Write Mom, Mania, and Me?
A. I did not start out to write a book for publication. I started writing a journal to personally vent my frustrations with Mom. It was the drive to help other families with dysfunctional relationships that propelled me to turn it into this book.

Q. Did you find writing the book cathartic for you?
A. Absolutely. I am now at peace with my memories of Mom. My angst is gone.

Q. What lessons have you learned from your experience?
A. I learned that you cannot change anyone else. You can change only yourself, your reactions to others and what may happen in the future. You cannot change the past. It is very liberating to let go of it.


Mom, Mania, and Me contains many turning points that changed me, Mom, and our relationship. While Mom did have a mental illness, what we learned can be applied to many dysfunctional relationships. May our story inspire you to seek a better relationship with the challenging people in your life. - Diane

Three of the Turning Points that Changed Diane, Dixie and Their Volatile Relationship:

Changing Myself

Seeing the movie about Dr. Zhivago, who lost control of his life, inspired me to take control of my life, especially my habit of dwelling on hurtful memories.

Helping Someone Else Change

It took 20 years of failures before I tried using the Socratic Method to convince Mom to stay on her medication. It was challenging to ask her a question and then sit in silence until she answered. Then ask another and keep quiet again. It worked. For more information on this method: Google: ‘socratic questioning techniques.’

Learning To Express Love In The Way That Makes Others Feel Loved

The way Mom showed her love for me did not meet my emotional needs. She showed love by buying things for me–when all I really needed, wanted, was a hug.

Turning Points in Your Life
Share a turning point in your own life with your Book Club. What changed you, your attitude, or the direction you were headed? What was the result?

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Mom, Mania, and Me is a beautifully written story that touches the heart, inspires the virtues of courage, survival, and redemption, and lifts the spirits of love and forgiveness.” - Jeanne Chiapel Sherman, Freelance Writer

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