Diane Dweller is a successful author whose previous work, published by Simon and Schuster, earned national acclaim.  This lead to appearances on national television including "CBS This Morning," and shows on CNBC, NBC, Fox, and QVC.  A former columnist for the New York Daily News​, she is a graduate of Texas Tech and Stanford University.

Diane Dweller

Mom, MANIA, and Me

Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship

"When I realized that the lessons I learned in coping with Dixie could be helpful to others, I decided to share my experiences.  If you know someone who may be helped by our story, please tell them about Mom, Mania, and Me." - Diane Dweller



  • As an artist I never thought the word "author" would define me.

  • In my first business I custom designed and produced wedding rings.

  • I have been a guest for dinner in the White House.

  • I cannot sing on key, but I like to whistle–sometimes on key.

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