Mom, MANIA, and Me

Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship

When their dad dies, Diane Dweller and her sister are thrust into the role of reluctant caretakers of Dixie, their mother who has periodic "spells."  Dixie’s spells start with jubilant partying, speeding, and shopping. The fun stops when her actions spiral into manic, bipolar behavior that devastates Diane.

With vivid descriptions of the impact of a mental illness on a family, Diane reveals how a series of dynamic events change their lives. Touching and informative, this inspiring memoir provides hope for others in dysfunctional relationships.


MOM, MANIA, and ME is available in both print and ebook formats. Order from your favorite brick and online bookstores or ask for it at your library.

Mom, Mania, and Me is a story of loss and redemption, and a coming of age story all in one. This memoir is as interesting and as well written as Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle . . .The writing is exquisite . . . Dweller made me laugh, she made me cry on numerous occasions . . . (the) last chapter is touching, illustrating the incredible power of love.
- Pauline J. Albert, Ph.D.


"If you are a child, a friend, a partner, or even a colleague of a person with bipolar disorder, I highly recommend this book. You will likely find it not only informative, but also a source of hope and even inspiration.”

- John Floyd, MD

"Worth Your Time" ... "Dramatic final scene ... With poignant and insightful writing, Dweller’s story is one of heart-break, loss, and the power to endure as long as it takes to find compassion."

-  Psych Central Book Review: Claire Nana, Reviewer



Diane Dweller

"We see not only the devastating impacts of a lack of maternal love but also the healing that can happen as we grow beyond the past.”

- Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC, Author of The Emotionally Absent Mother


"In Mom, Mania, and Me, Diane Dweller takes us on a heroic and unflinching look at the challenging reality of growing up with a mentally ill and abusive mother. This page-turner offers more than a simple account of her difficult childhood— Diane offers her hard-earned wisdom and insights into how to cope, thrive, and ultimately create a positive relationship with ourselves and the parent who caused us pain. A poignant, inspiring, and informative must-read." 

- Virginia A. Simpson, Ph.D., FT, Bereavement Care Specialist, author of The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life


Finalist: Tucson Festival of Books Competition

Australian NNAAMI and WAYMI: Trophy Award